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SAP Work Flow


      SAP ABAP Work Flow Training Details


SAP ABAP Work Flow



Mode of Training:

Regular/Fast Track  

Course Duration:

25 hrs (Class: 1-1.5 hrs)

Server Version:


What we Offer:

* Quality Training            * Flexible Timings

* 24/7 Server Access      * Hands-On Training


Introduction to WORKFLOW

  • What is BOR Object
  • Available SAP Standard BOR Objects & Their Utilization across SAP Business Process
  • WORKFLOW Configurations
  • Understanding the existing SAP standard WORKFLOW Templates & Their Use
  • WORKFLOW Events and Methods

What is WORKFLOW Task

  • Creation of WORKFLOW Task and its Utilization
  • WORKFLOW Binding Definitions
  • Custom BOR objects Creation and Utilization
  • WORKFLOW Agent Determination
  • WORKFLOW Rule Creation & its Utilization
  • DAILOG Step Creation for User Action
  • Utilization of Available SAP WORKFLOW Techniques
  • WORKFLOW Notifications
  • Deadline Monitoring Configuration and Use

WORKFLOW Administration

  • WORKLFOW Trace
  • WORKFLOW Debugging
  • WORKFLOW Consultant Role in Support Projects
  • WORKFLOW Error Analysis Techniques and Guidance
  • PCRs with WORKFLOW
  • WORKFLOW Reports


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