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      SAP MDM Training Details





Mode of Training:

Regular/Fast Track  

Course Duration:

40-45 hrs (Class: 1-1.5 hrs)

Server Version:

ECC 6.0

What we Offer:

* Quality Training            * Flexible Timings

* 24/7 Server Access      * Hands-On Training


SAP MDM Application Architecture


MDM Fundamentals


Data modeling Fundamentals


Overview of MDM Repository




MDM Data Modeling and Project Preparation


MDM Modeling Issues/Solutions


MDM Console

  • Starting and stopping MDM console
  • Mounting and Un-Mounting MDM server
  • Connecting to MDM server
  • Creating MDM repository
  • Creating Different Tables
  • Creating Different Fields
  • Working with users, roles, remote system and ports

MDM Data Manager

  • Working with five different modes
  • CURD operations
  • Search techniques
  • Assignments and validations
  • Workflow
  • Protect, checkin and checkout
  • Matching


MDM Import Manager

  • Importing different source data (Excel, Access and xml)
  • Importing from multiple tables
  • Different operations on source table
  • Source mapping and value mapping
  • Matching of records
  • Creating Maps
  • Using created Maps

MDM Syndicate

  • Syndicating single table data
  • Syndicating data with external source
  • Syndication data to XML and Flat source
  • Creating custom fields
  • Working with MAPs
  • Working with Import Server
  • Working with Syndicate Server


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