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      SAP Portal Content Development Syllabus Training Details


Portal Content Development Syllabus



Mode of Training:

 Regular/Fast Track  

Course Duration:

45-50 hrs (Class: 1-1.5 hrs)

What we Offer:

* Quality Training            * Flexible Timings

* 24/7 Server Access      * Hands-On Training



  • Brief overview of SAP
  • Overview of SAP Netweaver and EP
  • Motivation for Portals and need for SAP EP

Technical Infrastructure

  • SAP NW Architecture
  • Building Blocks of SAP EP
  • SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture

End user Perspective

  • Portal Login and Navigation
  • Personalization

Portal Runtime & Portal Apps

  • PRT Definition
  • Portal Components
  • PAR File Format
  • Deployment Descriptor

Portal Platform Content

  • Object Model for Portal Content
  • Working with iViews
  • Working with Pages
  • Working with Worksets and Roles
  • Object relations: Delta links and copies
  • Introduction to Business Packages
  • Design changes & Branding

Portal Components

  • Abstract Portal Components
  • DynPages & JSP DynPages
  • Personalization
  • Internationalization

User Management

  • Overview and Architecture
  • User Management Engine
  • Working with UME API

Portal Security

  • Security Concepts
  • Introduction to Authentication
  • Authorization Concepts
  • Single Sign On

Enterprise Portal Client Framework

  • Enterprise Portal Client Framework

Introduction to Web Dynpro

  • Introduction to Web Dynpro
  • Web Dynpro Context and Navigation
  • Navigation with Web Dynpro
  • Web Dynpro Architecture

Web Dynpro Controllers

  • Model, View Controller
  • Web Dynpro Controllers

Visualizing the Java Web Dynpro through the SAP Portal

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Web Dynpro iView
  • Portal Eventing, Navigation and WorkProtect


  • Configuring of Java Connector(JCO)
  • Integrating SAP systems

Knowledge Management

  • KM Overview
  • Creation of KM document Iview
  • Creation of KM Navigation Iview.
  • UWL Configuration
  • File System Repository


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