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      SAP SD Training Details





Mode of Training:

Regular/Fast Track  

Course Duration:

40-45 hrs (Class: 1-1.5 hrs)

Server Version:

ECC 6.0

What we Offer:

* Quality Training            * Flexible Timings

* 24/7 Server Access      * Hands-On Training


Introduction to SAP Sales and Distribution

Enterprise Structure in Sales and Distribution

  • General Sales and Distribution Structures
  • Sales and Distribution Structures in SAP ERP
  • Sales and Distribution Structures of Model Company in IDES

Overview of Sales Processes

  • Process Overview
  • Sales Processing
  • Shipping Processing
  • Billing Document Processing

Master Data in Sales and Distribution Processes

  • Customer Master
  • Material Master
  • Customer – Material Info Record
  • Condition Master Data for Pricing
  • Additional Master Data

Data Determination and Collective Processing

  • Functions of the Sales Document Type
  • Plant, Shipping Point and Route Determination
  • Shipment Scheduling
  • Collective processing in Sales and Distribution

Availability Checks

  • Basics
  • Sample Scenarios
  • Transportation Processing

Sales and Distribution Processes with Make to Order Production

  • Presales Processing
  • Function of the item Category
  • Assembly Processing

Complaints Processing

  • Credit memo Requests
  • Returns
  • Invoice Correction Requests
  • Advance Returns Management

Analysis for Sales and Distribution Processes

  • List and Reports
  • Sales information System

Company Structures – Customizing

  • Enterprise Structure in Sales and Distribution

Sales order Processing

  • Information Sources and Data Processing
  • Selected Entry Aids and Techniques

Controlling Sales Documents

  • Basic Principles of Business Process Control
  • Controlling Sales documents – Sales Document Type
  • Controlling Sales Documents – Item Category
  • Controlling Sales Documents – Schedule Line Categories

Data Flow

  • Data flow in the Application
  • Copying Control

Special Business transactions

  • Special Business Transactions


  • Incompletion Log
  • Configuration of the Incompletion Procedure

Business Partner

  • Function and Significance of Partner Functions
  • Configuration of Partner Functions and Partner Function Determination

Outline Agreements

  • Scheduling Agreement and Quantity Contracts
  • Value Contracts

Credit and Risk Management

  • Credit Management
  • Risk Management

Material Determination, listing and Exclusion

  • Material Determination
  • Material Listing and Exclusion


Free Goods

  • Free Goods

Sales Workshop

  • Sales to Employee Scenario
  • Bill of Materials Scenario
  • Material Determination Scenario

Concept and Function of Delivery Document

  • Idea and Function of the Delivery Document

Basic Organizational Units for the Delivery Process

Controlling Deliveries

The Good Issue Process Based on the Delivery

  • Prerequisites for Creating Outbound Deliveries
  • Creating and Processing Outbound Deliveries

Processes and Functions Bases on the Delivery

  • Picking Outbound Deliveries
  • Packing Process
  • Goods Issue
  • Special Functions and Personalization’s
  • Help Options

Condition Techniques in Pricing

  • Basis of Pricing
  • Introduction to condition Technique

Pricing Configuration

  • Overview or Pricing Configuration
  • Customizing Pricing Components

Working with Condition Records

  • Pricing Reports and Maintenance

Special Functions

  • Special Pricing Functions
  • Hierarchy Pricing
  • Data Determination in Access

Taxes, Pricing Agreements and Rebates

  • Taxes
  • Pricing Agreements
  • Rebate Processing

Overview of Billing

  • Integration of Billing Documents in SD Process Chain


Billing Overview

  • Working with Organizational Units in Customizing

Controlling the Billing Process

  • Billing Type Controls

Special Billing Types

  • Billing Types in Complaints Processing
  • Pro forma Invoice and Cash Sale

Data Flow

  • Data Flow and Copying Control

Creating Billing Documents

  • Options for Creating Billing Documents

Types of Settlement

  • Invoice combination and Invoice Split
  • Invoice list

Special Business Transactions

  • Billing Plans – Periodic Billing and Milestone Billing
  • Down payment Processing in Sales and Distribution
  • Installment Payments

Account Determination

  • Account Determination Process and Areas
  • Account Assignment of Business Area

SD/FI Interface

Copying Control

Text Control

Output Control

  • Output Determination
  • Output Processing
  • PDF – based Forms in the Sales Process

Important SAP Notes about Pricing

Interface between SD and Profitability Analysis (COPA)

Interview Questions on SAP SD Module

Tips and Certification Questions on SAP SD Module

Examples on Real Time Scenarios



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